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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise| Zero To Hero

Being obese is a curse to anyone. But most of the people are obese nowadays. According to WHO, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight and obese in 2016. And this number will definitely grow in the future, because of the current ecosystem we are living in.
Most of the works are done by computers. So human participation is very low. Before, when we didn't have any type of convenience, people were healthy. 
It's because the human body is not designed in a way to relax and eat. It meant to work. And if you do not do that, you will be overweight. 
There are four types of body;
A.) Thin B.) Normal C.) Overweight D.) Obese
If you want to know in which category you fit in, you need to find your BMI (Body Mass Index). 
According to the BMI, your body type is;
Thin=below or equal to 20 Normal=20-25 Overweight= 25-30 Obese= above 30
If you are also obese or overweight then continue reading this post. I can guarantee you, if you follow the steps of this post, you will start losing weight. And if …

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