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Depression: Symptoms and things you can do to overcome it

Depression is a very bad disease by which people start killing themselves from inside. Depression rate is increasing day by day in this modern era. That's why we are going to discuss about depression in this article.

What is Depression

Depression is a mental disorder through which people start persistently feeling sadness in their life. This thing can lead to loss of interest in all the activities around us.

Some people even perform suicide because of depression. Everyone face sadness in their life but after that we also see the bright light of the sun in our life.

But in depression people just stick themselves with sadness. According to World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the most common illness worldwide.

Till date the cause of depression are not fully understood but it seems to be the cause of complex combination of genetics, environmental or psychological factors.

Symptoms of Depression

• Person strart feeling guilty, hopelessness, loss of interest in any activiti…
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Money: How to get rich quick in your life

Everyone wants money nowadays because if you don't have enough money you have to suffer a lot in this world. Even our food is purchased by money. So that's why money is so important.

Money is a tool that enables you to protect yourself and for building a better life for you and your family. Everyone wants money but you can not use it in a right way untill you don't know how to use it. Money gives us power. It gives us mental satisfaction. It gives us strength and power. Money is a great motivator.

Did you know that 30% of our population is still below poverty line. And in order to travel, eat and for average living you want money.

But our schools are not teaching us the right education that they should. But they are just teaching us the same old thing over and over again. You need to have financial knowledge if you want to survive in this world.

The trignometry is not going to help you in your life. So that's why I have written an E-Book on money. The name of that boo…

Motivational Quotes to inspire you to be successful

According to you what is the meaning of success? For me its happiness+ money in my bank+ travel+ fame. It depends upon person to person. There is not an exact definition of success because that is the beauty of it. You define your own success, you design your own success.

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Well motivation plays an important role in the way of your success. Because it keeps you going in the ups & down of life. Weather its internal or external motivation. But motivation is really essential in converting your dreams into reality.

That's why today i am going to share my 5 top motivational quotes that keeps me going.

1.Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

2. Don't limit your challanges, challange your limits.

3. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

4. Great things never came from comfort zones.

5. The past can not be changed but the future is yet in your power.

Happiness: How To Be More Happy In Your Life

Do you know the real meaning of Happiness? Well, different people have different opinions on this. Some people say that happiness is just the state of being happy. Some say that feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Happiness is not a long lasting thing. You can not stick to it forever, nobody can. What you can do is to have a positive attitude towards everything. Happiness comes from your own mind. You don't have to expect it from others.

Happiness is really essential in this modern era. People are just running behind money, fame or other materialestic things. But at the end point nothing matters, what really important is peace & calm in your life.

So every person should know how to be happy in worst to worst situation. Believe it or not but the modern era came with a big disaster and that is the social media.

Why i am targeting social media ? Because social media teaches us to compare ourself from other. Everything is just fake in this social media. Lot of people suic…

Overcome Procrastination: Proven Ways To Overcome Procrastination In Your Life

One of the biggest obstacle in the way of productivity is procrastination. Have you ever face procrastination in your life? Of course, you do because this is one the behaviour of humans. We supposed to chase our dreams but we are not taking any steps for that. And this thing feels so bad.

That's why today on Zero To Hero, I am going to talk about procrastination and how you can overcome even crucial procrastination.

But before killing your enemy we should do proper research about it. So, first of all, we have to know what is the meaning of procrastination. Procrastination is the action of delaying something important. Like I said before, you have to take action to chase your dreams but you are watching videos on YouTube, this is procrastination.

It doesn't mean that you don't want a change, it happens because of your routine that you are following. Do you think that that the routine that you are following is too hard? No that's not. It happens because when you think a…

Habit-Sticking: Proven ways to stick to a particular habit or a routine

It is true that whenever you are trying to adopt a new habit or a new routine, you always end up with nothing?

Do you think that this is laziness, let me tell you, my friend, this is not laziness but your habits.
Today on Zero To Hero I am going to talk about the habits-sticking process. How can you stick to a particular habit or routine so that you can change your life properly?
Habits are the building blocks of a person personality. If you want to alter the conditions of your current life then you should alter your current habits. If you are fat then you have to work out, you have to adopt the good habits of workout & eating the right food so that you can lose a good amount of weight.
But the real problem came after that, our brain doesn't want to adopt those habits. Because our brain is so comfortable in our routine that he doesn't want a change. As we all know that change is uncomfortable but essential. We grow in an uncomfortable situation, if you want to evolve in ev…

Habits: How To Leave Bad Habits and adopt good ones

Are you struggling to make a change in your life? It's true that you wanted to change your life completely but you can't? Let me tell you my friend this happens when you stuck in between your bad habits.

If you really want to change your life you should change your habits. That's why today I am going to talk about habits.
What Is A Habit
Habit is just a specific action that you performed a several times. By doing this your conscious brain shift this action into your subconscious. That's why all of your habits happen automatically by you because it is stored in your subconscious.
For example In the morning after waking up, the first thing you do is your morning habit. If you drink bed tea all the time then your body starts craving for it, if you check your social media right after opening your eyes then you would see that your hand automatically pick the phone. Or if you don't want to do it then your brain start sending your body a signal that what is happening and …