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15 simple steps to overcome shyness and social anxiety

15 simple steps to overcome shyness and social anxiety

Shyness is a serious issue nowadays. According to a research, 4 out of 10 people consider themselves shy. If you also consider yourself a shy person and you want to overcome your shyness. Then I have a good news for you and that is you can overcome your shyness by continuously putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Let me tell you one thing that you are not a shy person, your brain consider yourself shy because of your believe system. Because you are not exposed to uncomfortable situation, your brain don't want to be in any uncomfortable situation.

If you have any knowledge about human brain then you may know that human brain is design to be in comfortable situation. That's why when you expose to a uncomfortable situation, you start feeling shy.

You can overcome your shyness by practicing. With the help of continuous practice you are teaching your brain to be in the uncomfortable situation. Let me explain the meaning of shyness to you for better understanding.

SHYNESS is a feeling of discomfort and you start feeling it whenever you are in the situation where you don't want to be(Basically your brain don't want to be in discomfort).

For overcoming your shyness you must try these 15 simple steps...

1. Accept yourself

Guys if you want to overcome shyness then it is most important to accept your shyness and accept yourself as you are. There's no shame to accept yourself, accept your past, accept your failure and all. When you accept yourself then if someone try to tease you then you can say that yes, I am shy.

And after accepting yourself just be comfortable with yourself. By doing this you will see that you gain confidence in yourself. And it is most important to feel confident if you want to overcome your shyness.

2. Make yourself vulnerable

Yes, you heard it right.You have to be more vulnerable. A lot of people feel shy because they always have the fear of being judged by other person. The one and only way to overcome this fear is to be more vulnerable. Remember one thing that you grow when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations.

So from now try to be more vulnerable. Start it with your friends and family and then try it with strangers. It gives you a lot of confidence. And if you are doing it continuously you will see yourself more confident in every situation.

3. Try to talk more

You should try your level best to talk more and more to your friends or with some strangers. Let me tell you my friend that life is too small, you should not waste it in feeling shy. Try to crack jokes, be more talkative in every situation of your life.

4. Act confidently

Fake it till you make it. Not evey person knows that you are shy rather than your friends and family. You have to be a leader not a follower. Try to be more confident in every aspect of your life.

Remember no one knows that you are shy. That's why you have to act confident with every person. Start reminding yourself time to time that you are the body of a confident person.

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5. Improve your body language

If you improve your body language the person who is standing in front of you see that you are enough confident
 Just stand straight without arching your back put your shoulder back and chest up, lift your face up.

Try to make eye contact with people and most important is to open up yourself. Never stand in front of anybody by folding your hands it will automatically shows that you are a shy person. And in the last you have to speak clearly so that everybody is going to listen your words.

6. Try new things

Start trying new things like giving speeches, take participate in a competition and give your best. Try to overcome your fear and just practice it again and again. Because practice makes a man perfect. When you engage yourself in new activities you will start feeling more confident than before.

7. Sharp up your strengths

If you are good at something, then you have to sharp up that particular thing. See the basic thing is to feel confident so that you can overcome your shyness. And when you start doing the work in which you are awesome it will automatically boost your confidence to a certain level.

And it is very essential to do that because other people also wants to be with you when they saw your strengths. So start sharpening up your strengths from now.

8. Never label yourself a shy person

Most of the people label themselves that they are a shy person. Now when you say it by yourself that you are a shy person, it goes into your sub-concious mind and then  your confidence level start going down.

From now never label yourself a shy person. You have to say that I am not shy anymore I have enough confident in me. Start considering yourself a unique person but not shy.

9. Re-programm your brain

In your mind this thing is deep buried that you are a shy person. So you have to re-programm your brain, just question yourself that why you feel shy. Put yourself in an uncomfortable situation and see your reaction.

For example if you try to ran away from a situation then try to do the opposite.
Face any situation like a warrior. It will feel extremely uncomfortable but see this thing as a trigger and you have to work on these triggers to overcome your shyness.

10. Visualize to conquer the situations

This step is going to help you in evey situation in your life. You just have to visualize and conquer the situation in which you feel uncomfortable. It will give you a different level of confidence. And just practicing it every single day to keep yourself motivated and confident.

11. Find out the situations where you feel shy

Now it is very important to know that in which type of situation you feel shy more often. Make a proper list of all the situations in which you feel shy. When you make a list then you can work on all those conditions.

12. Conquer the list

Now when you know all your triggers by which you feel shy. So start working on all those triggers from now. Try to improve yourself in every situation. Start with the small triggers(in which you feel less shy) and then move on to the hard one. This will keep you motivate in your mission to conquer your triggers.

13. Set proper goals to overcome shyness

You have to set proper goals to overcome this shyness. Make short term and long term goals. Short term we already discuss in step 12. Now make long term goals even bigger. For example prepare yourself for something big like giving speeches and stand up in strangers and all these stuff.

14. One bad moment doesn't mean a bad day

If you fail in doing all these, no worries. We all make mistakes in our life. Try again and if you again fail try again. Do not stop yourself because one bad moment doesn't mean a bad day.

15. Record your success and keep going

Record your all ups and down where ever you want but record. Record your failure and success and just keep going. Remember success comes to those who fight for it not for those who wishes for it. Just keep pushing and keep stepping out of your comfort zone for growth.

Conclusion:- Remember when you try to ride bike for the first time, you can not ride it. But when you keep trying and keep pushing yourself, you learn how to ride a bike. So start practicing all the steps from now and overcome your shyness by yourself.


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