What is communication skills and how can you improve it?

What is communication skills

What is communication skills and how to improve it
Communication skills

Communication skills are some skills which helps to communicate with others.It helps us to pass information from person-to-person very easily. 

If we talk about communication skills in easy way than the act of transferring information to other person generally known as communication skills.

You can transfer it from vocally, written, visually or non- verbaly also.There are many things that you can do to improve your communication skills so that you can easily transfer or receive information from other person.

Good communication skills can make your life much easier than before.On the other hand poor communication skills can make your life more harder.

How to improve your communication skills

There are some ways to improve your communication skills but you have to practice those for a long time.Remember that "practice makes a man perfect".You can improve your communication skills by following these points.

1.Non-verbal communication

A study shows that your audience or the person who standing in front of you judges you 55% by your non-verbal communication. This means non verbal communication is more important than verbal communication.

If you want to communicate confidently you should stand straight with a proper posture.And open up yourself in front of others.If you are standing by folding your hands the person who is standing in front of you thinks that you are afraid from anyone.

So from now talk with proper eye contact, full confidence, good body language so that other person can easily understand that what you are saying.

2.Engage with them in discussion

No matter how much good the speaker is the audience can easily get disturb because people have limited attention spans.So you have to engage with them more during your discussion.

Just ask a question about your discussion, encourage other people so that they can start showing interest in you and giving you more attention then before.

3. Art of timing

Timing is very important in a discussion.As I said above that people have limited attention span.So you have to master the art of timing.You have to know that when you have to move out to other topic so that the audience never get bored from you.

Famous comedian and great communicators have master the art of timing.Thats why people can engage with them more because they know that when they have to move to other topic.

4. Know Your Audience

It is very important in communication to know your audience.Because when they start feeling that you are not giving attention to them and just talking about your profit then they also start ignoring you not in front of you but in there mind.

So you have to know about your audience.Remember that everybody is different and that's why start collecting knowledge about others.This thing also give boost to others because they think that the person who is standing in front of them want to know about themselves.

5. Be a listener

It is very important to listen other person rather than just talking about your profit.To communication effectively first listen to other person and then say what you want to say.

These are some points to improve your communication skills.Just start working on these from today :)