5 simple steps to loose weight fast

5 simple steps to loose weight fast

Heavy weight is a big problem in our country. If you really want to loose weight you have to follow some steps. Some steps that really works for you so that you will look good on every place.

But first of all you have to follow discipline. Discipline is very important in loosing weight. Because weight loss is not easy at all but if you decide to do anything you can do it. So here are some tips to loose weight

1. Stop eating junk food

Now it is very important to stop eating junk food because you just can not loose fat if you do not stop to add more and more bad calories in your body. For example: If you want to empty a tank, then you have to stop filling it out so that you can reduce the water inside it.

From now stop eating junk food and start eating food that is healthy for your body.

2. Start Exercise

After that you should start some exercise. Start from little task like a walk and then move to jogging and some cardio then weight lifting. Weight lifting is a very good in loosing weight because it puts a lot of tension on your body.

Start doing cardio after your workout because when your body is exhausted by workout and then you go for cardio your body will start using your stored fat.

3. Eat a balanced diet

Start eating a balanced diet means a full day of diet in which you put all micro and macro nutrients in your body. Calculate your BMR and make a diet plan accordingly your day to day schedule. In fat loss you have to cut down your carbs and increase protein intake. Carbs are the major source of energy for our body and if we take it in excess then our body start storing it for later.

Or you can hire a coach for this because a coach helps you in making your balanced diet and your workout.

4. Be patient

You have to be patient in fat loss as I said above that fat loss is not easy because you forced your body to use extra fat. Now every person is different, some people can loose weight easily and some takes more time than other person.

Remember you are running in a marathon not in sprinting, sooner or later results will come but the challenge is to be in discipline with your diet and workout.

5. Start with small and end with big

My meaning for this point is to break-down your goal in to small pieces.For example: if you want to loose 10 kg then you breakdown it to 2 or 3 kg in a month. This is the ideal technique to loose weight and in the end you will hit your goal.

In the end I can say that you have start from now no tomorrow or no today. Just start it and after achieving your short-term goals when you see results you will become a fat killing machine.