What is the meaning of Goal-setting and it really works ?

What is the meaning of Goal-setting

What is the meaning of Goal-setting and it really works

Goal setting is the process of identifying your dreams in life under a certain amount of time. One of the best example of setting goals is that if you want to save money for buying something and then you decide to save a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time. This is the basic defination of Goal-setting.

Goal-setting helps you to achieve anything in your life. But many people ends up in disappointment while setting goals because when they set their goals they never write it on paper. But writing down your goals on a sheet of paper is very important. And when you write down your goals in present tense then your brain start vibrating at a very high frequency and it start to attract that thing.

Goal-setting is really important

Everbody should set specific goals in their life. According to a research 7 out of 10 people never write down their goals in life. That's why most of the people ends up in failure. But let me tell you my friend that writing down your goals is very important. It is as important as eating food if you really really want to achieve something in your life.

Once when I was reading a book of Brian Tracy named "Get Smart". He tells that his life is incomplete without writing down his goals. He is working in a insurance company ending up with only disappointment until he reads a book of setting goals. And when he write his 10 goals in life, within 30 days his life totally changed. He got a marvelous idea of selling insurance.

Because writing your goals gives your brain clearance about your dreams and also gives him a deadline in which he want to work. Without writing your goals your dreams are only thought and the first step to convert them in reality is to write down on paper. When you write down your goals you are actually converting your thoughts into reality because they are just imagination until you write them.

Goal-setting really works

Yes, it works and it works with 100 percent efficiency.  Many famous people like Henry Ford, Thomas A.Edison, Andrew Carnegie and many more achieved their dreams by setting their goals. Now the choice is yours that you want to kill your dream or not.

In the end take a pen and a paper and start writing your goals now :)