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5 steps for building an unbreakable confidence

5 steps for building an unbreakable confidence

Confidence is the feeling of assurance. If you want to improve your self confidence then you have to improve your beliefs. Your confidence stucks because you have self doubts on yourself.

"If you want to conquer your fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy"--Dale Carnegie

A lot of people have lack of confidence nowadays. You can not make friends, can not put your thoughts in a meeting or a discussion, you have relationship issues due to lack of self confidence.

Some people have selective confidence. For example they  feel shy in front of girls or some other person but they can crack jokes and have a lot of fun with their closed friends. If you are one of them then today I am going to help you in this.
Let me tell you first you have to step out of your comfort zone if you want to conquer it, there is no other way. You can not conquer your doubts by just reading about how to conquer your doubts at home without going out and face the world.

So first of all you have to be prepared for the worst. And trust me in the end you are going to thank me. Here is some steps to conquer your self doubts.

1. Step out of your Comfort Zone

Now this is most important step if you want to overcome your shyness and build unbreakable confidence. You have to do that thing that makes you feel scared. Day and day, week and week every single day. Well you will see that after some time you will not feel scared by that thing.

2. Take rejection challenge

The one and only way to grow is by facing rejections. You can take some rejection challenge and then you will see the magical results. Shy people always fear from rejection. And if you are one of them you should definitely take rejection challenge. At first this is going to be extremely uncomfortable for you.

But the end result will be worth it. So start from today and overcome your fear of rejection.

3. Start Helping Others

By helping others you are going to feel Greatful. This will give a positive impact on your life. When you help someone your self confidence will automatically boost up. So start helping others from now and overcome your shyness.

4. Make a list of your fears

You should make a list of your fears. Give yourself sometime and think about your fears. Then note it down on a piece of paper. It will help you in tracking your progress.

By doing that you will not miss any condition. And it will also help you to motivate yourself.

5. Never underestimate yourself

You should not underestimate yourself because if you underestimate yourself then how can others trust on you. Just put your hand on your heart in any embarrassing moment and tell yourself that I am awesome.

Conclusion- The conclusion of this article is that you have to face your fears like a brave soldier. Remember no one is born with unbreakable confidence. They have the unbreakable confidence because they practice a lot in this area. So in the last if you want to conquer your doubts you have to step out of your comfort zone.


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