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Habit-Sticking: Proven ways to stick to a particular habit or a routine

It is true that whenever you are trying to adopt a new habit or a new routine, you always end up with nothing?

Habit-Sticking: Proven ways to stick to a particular habit or a routine
Do you think that this is laziness, let me tell you, my friend, this is not laziness but your habits.

Today on Zero To Hero I am going to talk about the habits-sticking process. How can you stick to a particular habit or routine so that you can change your life properly?

Habits are the building blocks of a person personality. If you want to alter the conditions of your current life then you should alter your current habits. If you are fat then you have to work out, you have to adopt the good habits of workout & eating the right food so that you can lose a good amount of weight.

But the real problem came after that, our brain doesn't want to adopt those habits. Because our brain is so comfortable in our routine that he doesn't want a change. As we all know that change is uncomfortable but essential. We grow in an uncomfortable situation, if you want to evolve in every corner of your life then you have to put yourself in every possible uncomfortable situation.

And when we try to do something like that our brain gives us 100,000 reasons for not to do that. Because the brain loves to be in a comfortable situation. That's why the majority of people leave their habits in halfway or even before that.

That's the problem the majority of people face nowadays but what is the solution? How can we stick to a particular habit?

As I said above that our brain hates changes. And the only solution to adopt a change(a new habit) is to divide your habits into small pieces. By doing this slowly and gradually your brain will become used to it. As they say, if you want something big, start small.

Let's take an example to understand this better.

Assume that you want to develop a habit of book reading. At the first day, you read 10 or 20 pages of a book because you are motivated enough. But after some days you will see that your motivation & your interest are falling down. And after that, you stopped reading books.

If you want to adopt a good habit, you have to divide that work or routine into small pieces. If we talk about book reading then you should start with a page and then do something that you love to do. For example; watch a movie, scrolling on social media, listen to music etc.

What you are doing here is that you are adopting little changes that are not awkward for your brain and after that, you are giving yourself a reward. By doing this slowly and gradually you see that book reading becomes your habit.

Whenever you see or think about a book your brain would start craving for reading a book in the hunger of reward. Remember you are the CEO of your brain. Don't be a slave instead of that start making little changes in your life for a better future.

Conclusion:- Remember if you want to win, you have to fight with yourself. Because if you give up in your brain you won't achieve anything. What is important here is to enjoy the whole journey of your transformation.


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