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Overcome Procrastination: Proven Ways To Overcome Procrastination In Your Life

Overcome Procrastination: Proven Ways To Overcome Procrastination In Your Life
Overcome Procrastination

One of the biggest obstacle in the way of productivity is procrastination. Have you ever face procrastination in your life? Of course, you do because this is one the behaviour of humans. We supposed to chase our dreams but we are not taking any steps for that. And this thing feels so bad.

That's why today on Zero To Hero, I am going to talk about procrastination and how you can overcome even crucial procrastination.

But before killing your enemy we should do proper research about it. So, first of all, we have to know what is the meaning of procrastination. Procrastination is the action of delaying something important. Like I said before, you have to take action to chase your dreams but you are watching videos on YouTube, this is procrastination.

It doesn't mean that you don't want a change, it happens because of your routine that you are following. Do you think that that the routine that you are following is too hard? No that's not. It happens because when you think about doing or adopting a new habit you become more excited.

And due to the excitement, you overdo that routine. Because you just wanted to do it. Then how we can overcome our procrastination? Well for doing it, you have to follow these few steps but remember DO NOT PROCRASTINATE OVER IT.

1. Change your thinking

You have to change your thinking if you really want to overcome laziness. You have to be a positive minded person. You have to see gratitude in every corner of your life.

A lot of people says that they tried everything to overcome their procrastination but that's not the truth. They didn't overcome their procrastination because of their thinking.

If you want to achieve something, you have to be prepared for every bit of sacrifice that life wants. So from now, you have to practice gratitude in your life. And also you have to be very straight forward towards your goal.

Remember you don't have to quit in your brain, your body can be tired but unless and until you want something in your brain you can achieve that significant thing. Because the body follows the instructions of your brain.

2. Do the hard thing first

You have to do the hard thing first to overcome procrastination. This is one of the major cause of procrastination. Try to schedule every day in the morning. You can take help of multiple apps like Google Calendar or to-do list etc.

In your to-do list write down the most difficult task that you have to do today. And then priorities other tasks under your first task.

Try to break down your most difficult task into small pieces. The reality is that nothing is difficult, it's upon you, how you think about something. If you think that a particular work is boring and takes a lot of time, you labelled it as the most difficult task of yours.

That's why I am saying to break down your most difficult task into small pieces so that you can do it easily within your deadline.

Take little breaks between this task and you can also set a reward for yourself like watching YouTube, Netflix, scroll social media, read your favourite book etc.

This thing can lead you to do your most difficult task in the very short period of time because your brain is helping you to do it in the hunger of reward.

3. Try 15 minutes rule

15 minutes rule can help you to overcome your procrastination. We procrastinate because we are afraid of our mind to do all the things. Because of the fear we starting neglecting all of our work.

If you want to overcome your laziness you should try 15 minutes rule. In this rule, what you have to do is schedule your whole day in advance. And then start doing it for 15 minutes and then take a break this break is of 5 to 10 minutes but remember you don't have to pick your phone.

After break start again like before. By doing this slowly you will see that your to-do list is about to end.

4. Change your environment

Sometimes you just need to change your current environment to overcome procrastination. Try to find a place where your productivity levels are very high. And whenever you find that you are procrastinating just go there and try to do work there.

This thing will surely help you to overcome procrastination. If it doesn't, try listening calm and soothing music. Music is a very spectacular thing, it will surely help you.

Try to focus on your work, if you can't then it means that you have to work on yourself. Try meditation or yoga in the morning to increase your concentration and focus.

Conclusion:- You can overcome anything in your life but first you have to develop determination in your mind. Your body will follow what your mind says. So start enhancing your brain from now. Take action now, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE OVER IT.


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