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Depression: Symptoms and things you can do to overcome it

Depression: Symptoms and things you can do to overcome it
Depression is a very bad disease by which people start killing themselves from inside. Depression rate is increasing day by day in this modern era. That's why we are going to discuss about depression in this article.

What is Depression

Depression is a mental disorder through which people start persistently feeling sadness in their life. This thing can lead to loss of interest in all the activities around us.

Some people even perform suicide because of depression. Everyone face sadness in their life but after that we also see the bright light of the sun in our life.

But in depression people just stick themselves with sadness. According to World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the most common illness worldwide.

Till date the cause of depression are not fully understood but it seems to be the cause of complex combination of genetics, environmental or psychological factors.

Symptoms of Depression

• Person strart feeling guilty, hopelessness, loss of interest in any activities, anxiety etc.

• Person start facing restlessness, early awakening and insomnia also.

• Person start facing more hunger and loss of appetite.

• Some people also start gaining or loosing weight too fast.

• Lack of concentration also occur during depression.

Things you can do along with medication.

Severe depression need to cure by doctor. If any person have severe depression then he needs to see the specialist doctor for this.

There are some ways to overcome depression by yourself, they are as follows...

1. Goals

When you are in depression you feel like you can not do anything great, so this way is suggested by doctors to set new goals in your life.

You should start from basic or very easy goals like cleaning your home, talk to someone else. Anything that you can easily do.

Try to do something new like make new dishes, start reading a good book and take notes from that. It"ll restore your faith & inner motivation in yourself.

2. Exercise

Start doing light exercises like walking, yoga and streatching. Trust me you will feel good after this.

Doing exercise boost up your endorphin which is a feel good hormone. Doing it daily will also give you a positive vibe.

Along with this start eating good food. Doctors say that omega-3, folic acid and other fatty acid could help in depression.

3. Meditate

Meditation is a very powerful thing if you want to improve your focus or concentration power, rewire your brain. Try it ones and you'll feel good.

If you want real benefits of meditation then start doing it daily at the same time in nature. Doing meditation in mother nature will give a boost in your mood.

Both yoga & meditation works so well that you"ll amaze with the effect of this.


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