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If you want to achieve your most ambitious dream then you may face the shortage of time atleast once in your life.

A day ends up in just a blink of an eye. If you are struggling in scheduling your day, if you don't know how to divide your day according to your goals. Then it is a very high chance that you will not accomplish your dream.

It is happening with you because loss of productivity. You are not a productive person or I will say that you are doing something that you don't like.

Well I am not going to say that change your work or change something else. If you are getting money from that and you want to do that then why don't you will do that work.

And side by side find your passion. I am going to give you some productivity tips which you can apply in your life and you will see the magic that you will be able to do your work more productively.

Please try to execute these steps in your life. Only reading won't help you.


The first and the most effective way to use your time and be more productive is to divide the day into 3 days. Let me explain it more for you.

We all have 24 hours in a day. Ed Mylett explain this formula in one of his video. According to him we should divide our day into 3 days. And the day should be 6 hour long. That's how we have 3 days in total.

If we deduct 6 hours (one day) of sleep. Then we have 2 days left. And we can accomplish many more in these days. You must be wondering that what makes the difference.

The difference occurs in our brain. Our brain would start thinking that it has more time. Because now you have 90 days in a month rather than 30 days.

Try this formula and immediately you will start feeling good because of the more time. And you can use the days according to your goals.


Did you know that why people become successful. Because they use To-Do-list for accomplish their goals. We all know that but we didn't do that, I am telling you this is the biggest mistake.

We often procrastinate and we think that this is not a good way. We are underestimating the power of To-Do-List. You don't have any idea that you can achieve many more things with a list in your hand.

But only if you take it seriously if you really want to achieve your goals then you should also start making a To-Do-List.

If I talk about myself then I only schedule 5 task in my list because I know my capability. I know that I can't do anything more than this five task. If I over extend I would get exhausted.

But the five tasks which I schedule is the most critical tasks. Which can help me grow further in my life. You can also do that. Try to list the 5 most critical task in your list.

The bonus tip to this technique is, to think this process like a game. And you are the main hero. Now you have to complete all the 5 task. It would lift your mood and you will still be able to complete your tasks. I use to do it when I feel bored.


Stay in the work mode means truly focusing on the work that you are doing. Because if you aren't focused as required then it is a very high chance that you will stop doing that work because of boredom.

Keep the distractions away from you when you are doing something. It will automatically increase your focus in the work.

Also turn off the social media notifications from your phone. Or if possible then please keep your phone in another room. By doing that your productivity will increase in a significant amount.


Do you know that why we procrastinate to complete the tasks of our list? We procrastinate because of the tasks which schedule in our To-Do-List.

If we schedule a hard task in the list then it is a very high chance that we would procrastinate. If you want to escape yourself from this cycle.

Then start doing that task first in the morning. Because in the morning we have enough energy to takeover a big task.

You can read, "Eat That Frog" book by "Brian Tracy" if you want to know more about this technique.

In this book the author says that, if we have to eat two frogs in our breakfast. Then you must eat the biggest or the ugliest frog first.

Same thing applies in your list. Do the ugliest task first. And then start working on other tasks. By applying this method you can save yourself from procrastination.


After doing all of the five task of your To-Do-List. You must give yourself a break or treat. So that you don't get exhaust. If you can work straight without any break, its good. But most of the people aren't Elon Musk who can work 16 hours a day.

In the break you can do anything you like. For example, if you have a hobby of reading books then start reading a book in the break. And after that you must go back to work.

A little break is very important for you and your brain. It is a very high number of chance that if you continue to work, you will get exhausted by the time. And after that your brain would send some excuses as a way to quit.

If you want to escape from this, you must give yourself a break.


One thing you can also do to overcome procrastination is to prioritize tasks in your list. You should write the first task that is very important to do.

And then list them by the priority. By doing that you can able to do the work that is really important.

If you continuously able to do that then I can surely say that slowly and gradually you will hit your goal even when you are not completing your To-Do-List.


In the conclusion I want to say that please try to implement these tips in your life. They will surely help you like they did mine.

Only reading and planning won't make you successful, you have to execute consistently inorder to face success.


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