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You must had a dream at a time in your life. It is good to have a big dream. But do you know what it takes to accomplish it?

A business won't become successful just by your sweat and hard-work, you must put your blood into it.

And if you are familiar to this truth. Then it is a very high chance that you quitted in your life. No matter how much focused person you are. Nature would distract you somehow in order to fail you.

If you are also sick from this, then today I am going to share 5 of my personal tips, to create a "never giving up" attitude in your life.

It is not just about physically, it's a mentally game.

"It's ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward". -- "Rocky Balboa"


Do you know that what is the first step to make your life better? It's dream. You have to dream. Every successful person like Thomas A. Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates etc. dream something.

Dream creates desire. And when desire mixed with faith, backing it up with persistence can demolish anything. You name it.

So, you have to dream if you want to achieve something. Keep focus on your goals and you will see that after sometime. You create something extraordinary in you. And that extraordinary thing is the "Never Giving Up" attitude.


Affirmation keeps you motivated. It is sure and the truth that if you are on the journey of achieving your dreams. The nature will test you.

It will keep disturbing you again and again. You have to sacrifice so many things. Only the person who stays in the battlefield will win.

It is a very hard journey. But then keep reminding yourself the goals that you want to accomplish. Do it after waking up and before sleeping.

By the affirmation you are giving a signal to your brain. And doing this continuously will produce a never give up attitude in you.


Sometimes we procrastinate in our journey. Because of the boring work that you have to do. You keep delaying the work.

Allthough you know that this is the ugly truth. You have to do it but you just can't. Then start taking your work more seriously. You want to know how?

By considering it the one and only thing that can make you successful. No matter how bad or how ugly or how hard it is.

You have to do it. Do not consider plan B in your mind. That's how you will give birth a never give up attitude.


In the end I want to say that you have to work like a crazy person if you want to achieve something big.

You must get dirty to achieve your goals. Only reading and consuming knowledge won't help you. Because if you are only consuming the knowledge, you aren't making any progress.

You are just wasting your time in consuming. Which you can or you should use to take actions.

Follow the tips in your life and be happy.

Good Luck :)


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