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If you are a negative person. People would make a distance from you. Because no one likes to be surrounded by such a person who thinks negatively in all possible situations.

If you are also tired of this habit of yours then I have good news for you. You can change this habit of yours and convert yourself into a person who thinks positively all the time.

You just have to change your habit of thinking negatively with the habit of thinking positively. You must be wondering that how could you do that.

Try to implement the habits that I have mention below in your daily life. And I am promising you that after making these little changes in your daily life you can be a positive thinker.


You must be wondering why I wrote the mantra chanting here. And how this thing can help you in your life. Do you know that by mantra chanting you can reduce your stress and negativity?

The meaning of the mantra is, "a word or a slogan". Trust me mantra has immense energy and it can really change your life. It can fill your life with happiness and gratitude like it did to mine.

Mantra is driven by India. And spread along the globe. It can reduce the amount of stress and negativity from your body and fill it with gratitude and happiness. According to Hinduism or Jainism, the most powerful mantra in the whole world is "AUM".

You must hear this somewhere in your life. If you really want to be positive then you should practice meditation while repeatedly chanting the mantra "AUM". And remember to feel the vibration in the end word "M".

Try it once in the morning. Mantra has a lot of energy that it can completely change your perspective towards the world.


Again I don't think that I have to say more on this topic. Because we are listening to this from our childhood that you have to be grateful to others. Being grateful means being thankful for others.

So, it just means that you have to say thank you to everyone who does something for you. Well, now you don't have to do it. Although it is a great thing to do. In my knowledge being grateful means showing your appreciation to nature or the people.

Start your day with a smile and full of enthusiasm. Do what you want to do in your life. Spread happiness around you to feel really happy from inside.

Trust me this thing helps me soo much in my life. If you are having a bad day just remember that everything happens for a reason. And in the end, when you will connect the dots you will see that if these thing doesn't happen with you. Probably you will not reach the place where you are right now.

Find reasons to talk to people. Show some love towards them. Find ways to make them happy. And if give good you will get good.


Mother nature is the best healer. Nature can heal some serious problems like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Show some love towards nature and it will show you back.

Try gardening if you haven't. Go for a walk in the morning near to nature. You can feel the holy aroma of nature. Try to do deep breathing in nature. It has immense benefits.

In this era where we are continuously driven by technology. We are forgetting the mother nature and instead of taking the benefits of it. We are destroying it in many ways.

Don't be in the same lane where everyone is going. Be different, I am telling you that your life will alter. If you take the help of nature.


Ask the solution of stress, anxiety or negativity from a random person. He will surely mention meditation. Because meditation has so many benefits.

Scientists have found that by doing meditation only for one hour in a day. People can rewire their brains. It can reduce the amount of stress from your body. And it can throw the negative thoughts outside of your body.

If you want to go further ahead in your business or spirituality. You must practice meditation. If you want more benefits then try doing yoga along with meditation. It will be a cherry on the cake.


By changing your thinking I mean to say that change your vocabulary. The words that you use for a particular situation can make you depressed. Let's take an example for better understanding;

The word "problem" is a negative word. You can see it by yourself. Try to give attention to your body when you get into some problems. And you are thinking that how do I get out of this problem.

You will see that you are getting stressed out in just a bit. It happens because your brains release the cortisol(stress hormone) in your body. And if you use the word "challenge" which is more positive than the problem.

You will see that you are becoming more enthusiastic to face a challenge. Stop listening to the bad news because news definitely makes an impact on your thinking.

Bad news can make you nostalgic and can ruin your whole day. Instead of listening to the news try to focus on yourself. Try to beat yourself every day. So that you can become a better version of yourself.


In conclusion, I just have to say that if you really want to change yourself. You must apply these steps to your life. I tried these methods in my life and I also taste the power of positivity.

Just reading won't make change your life. You must do something in order to be changed.

Good luck :)


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