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Achieve your dreams
Are you one of those who were working on their dreams 5 years ago but still couldn't make it?

Becoming successful is looking impossible now?

Well hold up because today you are going to learn why you are not becoming successful. They say you should learn 'what to do', before doing something new but the important thing to learn is 'what not to do'.

Success requires simplicity but doing that consistently is very complex. You will never become successful by reading books or articles on the internet. As long as you are not executing the information.

If you want to become famous and successful in the real world then you have to work hard in the real world.

People are so comfortable in their surroundings that they do not feel any different when they can't achieve their goals. They can still survive. Without a driving force, a person may not meet his expectations. That's why most people could not achieve their goals.

I have written down some points which may be stopping you to achieve your dreams.

1. Lack Of Mental Clarity.

2. Your Goal Is Not Motivating Enough.

3. Not Taking Continuous Action.

4. You Are Quitting Very Early.

5. You Already Have Everything.

Let me elaborate more on these;


When you don't have mental clarity, there's no way you can achieve your goals. Mental clarity means being very clear and specific to what you want in life.

For example; The goal of making 100000$ per month is way better than the goal of making lots of money.

Rethink on your goals, be specific and very clear. Define them as much as you can. People have wrong ideas about goals. They think they have goals but in reality they just have mere wishes.

You have to be very specific, for creating a clear picture in your mind. And you also have to find your 'why'. Find why you want to achieve your dream?

When you strengthen your 'why', your desire to achieve something will strengthen itself.

If you want to make your 'why' stronger than you should link your emotional reasons with that. As we all know that the subconscious part of our brain is stronger than the conscious part.

And you can achieve anything with the help of your subconscious mind. But it only works with feelings and emotions. You can't give a command to it as you do to your conscious brain. That's why you must find your why and strengthen it with emotions.

It will definitely work for you in the future.


When your goal is not motivating enough then there is no way you can achieve your dream. That's why I told you to find your why and link it with strong emotions. Your brain will give you hundreds of excuses for not pursuing ahead.

Another possible reason could be that you are doing something that you don't love. That's why you are procrastinating and feeling lazy. You just can't unlock your true potential this way.

What's the point of doing something that you don't like? You are just wasting your time.

In this case, you have to find your passion or what you want to do in life. When you love something then you don't have to work. Because it's going to be on its own. And you will be more excited about this new goal. You will feel more focused this way.


When you start being more specific towards your goals. You can easily achieve them. But there is one more step that you have to take. And that step is to take action every day.

It could be the number one reason why you are not achieving your goals. You know it inside. My advice to you is that you should develop the habit of taking action.

Look at the successful people, they take action every day. The truth is that you will never be able to achieve your dreams if you are not taking action every day.

Start with small. Because our brain does not love change. So it is going to stop you by giving you excuses.

Take a vow of being productive and giving your 100% to your dream. And then start increasing it slowly.

Gradually when you are able to create a habit of taking action then there is no one who can stop you from winning.


Jesse Itzler, author of Living with a Seal said that, when your mind tells you that you are totally exhausted, you can't go further. You are actually 40% done.

You are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

You have to understand that the universe is testing you before giving you the key to success. So you should never give up on your dreams.

"Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm".-- Winston Churchill 

If you are serious about your goals, never give up. Don't doubt yourself and your capabilities. If you don't know about something then learn it.


Another reason for not achieving your goals is that you already have everything. We know that, if we want to achieve our goal then we must have a burning desire in us.

That will help to motivate us. If your family is already rich and you want to go further. And you are not finding the motivation then it's nothing but your brain is giving you some excuses.

Our brain can be our best friend or also our enemy. So you have to control it. Learn to control it and you will achieve what you want.


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