About Us

Zero To Hero is a self-improvement blog that was founded in January 2019 by an Indian blogger Gaurav Ghauri.

Our mission at ZeroToHero.co.in is to empower and inspire people by spreading knowledge of self-improvement and life-changing stories to the world.

You can find these topics in our blog;

● Self-Improvement.

● Motivation.

● Personal Development.

● Quotes

● Health.

● Success.

● Well-Being.


Hey there, I am Gaurav. I am a blogger and freelance writer.

I love self-improvement, that’s why I founded this blog to help others who strive to get their life back on track. I want to help others to improve their lives. 

I am also learning in my life and I share most of my experience here.

If you want to give feedback or just want to say Hi, email me at gauravghauri@gmail.com