Body Language: 5 Insightful Ways To Boost Your Personality With It.


Body Language

Body language helps to communicate more effectively. If you want to make a great impact on another person, body language will definitely help you. Because it can deliver more information about you to another person.

You can make a person more comfortable around you with body language. We see that a famous celebrity, a public speaker has a different and calm aura than you. It is because of their body language.

In simple words, body language is non-verbal communication. It has no words but a greater impact than words. Every person on this planet uses body language.

Some people have low confidence and lower self-esteem, so their body language is not that great.

But on the other hand, some people have fantastic body language. Because they know the importance of body language that is why they learn it.

Well if you have lower self-esteem and poor body language, you don’t have to worry about that. Because all these things are learnable. You can learn these techniques by practicing.

That’s why today I am going to show you some, body language techniques and also, how you can apply these techniques in your life.

Here are some examples of body language

1. Eye Contact.

If we move from top to bottom in your body, the first and the most important part is your eyes. Your eyes play a major role in communication. Imagine a person who is in a conversation with you.

You are talking to him and he is not making eye contact with you. Sooner or later you will feel that the person is ignoring you. That’s why eye contact is a very important technique in body language.

Have you ever visited a seminar? If not then you should visit a seminar, because you can learn a lot from the speaker. In a seminar, you will see that the speaker always make eye contact with their audience. By doing this he can build more trust with his audience.

That’s why the audience listens to the speaker clearly. Because a person feels more comfortable by enhancing your eye contact.

Now what you have to do is whenever you are in a conversation, try to make good eye contact. But don’t do it continuously.  It can make a person uncomfortable. You just have to make eye contact for some seconds.

Try to see him in his eyes and after some seconds move your eyes to his lips. By doing that the person will think that you are listening to him. After lips, you can move your eyes back on his eyes and then start watching somewhere else.

2. Handshake.

Handshake is the first thing you do when you meet a person. So why not to show him that you have a great personality. You have to make a strong handshake with others and don’t forget to shake your hand. As its name suggests a Handshake, you have to shake your hand.

How you will do a handshake is by placing your thumb up. Don’t attach your thumb with your fingers. You have to place your thumb on their hand while doing a handshake.

I will suggest, shaking the hand three times. Shaking your hand three times is a professional. Try to control your hand in the middle, not too much facing the ground nor the sky.

3. Open your self.

Most people fold their hands in between a conversation. But this is not good in body language because it shows that you are hiding something. You have to open yourself in a conversation.

Don’t fold your hands from now, if you still want to fold. You can fold your hands by showing your palm.

While speaking you have to use your hands. Imagine a box in front of you, and now you have to move your hands in between this box. It will help you to stand out in the crowd.

4. Proper Posture.

Proper posture is also very important in a conversation. You have to stand straight. Move your shoulders back, it will help to boost your confidence.

By doing that, another person will not judge you that you are not listening to him or you are too much stressed.

You can use the superman pose in a conversation. It will help you in extending the conversation.

5. Smile.

Smiling is one of the greatest body language signals. Along with body language, it also has many health benefits. You have to smile a bit while meeting a person. If you meet him with a sad face, it will make him uncomfortable in a long conversation.

Try to do a genuine smile while meeting. Remember that your simple smile can make someone’s day. Because your smile tells the outside world that you are a very happy person.

Smiling also promotes good health that’s why to start smiling from now.

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