5 Ways To Control Your Anger And Live In Peace Again.

  • Gaurav 
Are you a short-tempered person? If you are, then this article can be life-changing for you.
In this article, we will share how you can control your anger and live a peaceful life.
Due to the competitiveness nowadays, people are suffering from health problems like chronic stress and uncontrollable anger.
Anger is one of the emotions a person has. Same as fear, joy, excitement, and sadness. It can be good or bad both. Good in a way that it helps to express our feelings or it also helps to remove negativity from your body.
But it can be dangerous too. It is a well-known fact that anger can cause many health problems. But it can also cause some personal problems like relationship problems. Uncontrollable anger can be detrimental to us both physically or mentally.

You can try to implement these steps in your life to control your anger.

1. Deep Breathing.

Do you know that deep breathing can relax your body in just 5 minutes?

If not then please try to implement this. It can really help you. Research has shown that deep breathing can calm your body and can reduce stress, anxiety. It can also reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Actually it is a very common technique. We do this every day. When we are in deep sleep our body start doing deep breathing automatically. Due to deep breathing our body sends a signal to our brain. And after that slowly and gradually our body starts relaxing.

It can also help to calm you down when you got afraid or surprise from something. It helps to calm down your heart rate. Same as that try this whenever your anger goes out of control. By doing this you will see that your body is relaxing with time.

2. Try To Keep Quiet.

It is a well-known fact that whenever you got angry you say something that is not good to hear. For example; if you are angry then you can say something bad to your family, your partner or your friends. And it is not good for a relationship at all.

Because no one wants to listen bad things about them. So it is better to just keep quiet whenever you got angry. If you are in a word fight with someone then you may walk away from that place. And start doing deep breathing to calm your body.

You will see that when you were in anger, you want to kill that person but after sometime when you got cool down you don’t want to do anything like this.

It is because whenever someone is in anger they can’t control their body. So it is better to walk away from that situation and keep quiet.

3. Start Meditation.

We often listen to this line that meditation has immense benefits. Well it is very true, according to a research meditation can rewire your brain, increase your thinking ability, improve your concentration power and can make you a better person.

It also helps to control someone’s anger because by doing meditation people became calmer.

If you don’t know how to do meditation you can read some books about it or you can also watch videos about it on YouTube.

Trust me meditation can change your life because it changed mine too.

4. Convert It Into Fuel.

One of the best thing you can do to reduce your anger is, to keep quiet at the peak moment and then use that energy to achieve your goal.

This is a best thing you can do along with all these steps because when you get angry, an immense amount of energy releases from your body. And if you can control that energy at the peak moment and then use it at right time. You can achieve your goals two times faster.

But the sad fact is that you can not control your anger energy in the first try. You have to practice it. As we all know that practice makes a man perfect. One bonus tip I am giving you for controlling your anger is to “don’t listen to the things that you don’t want to listen”

Even if it is said by your loved ones, just listen to their saying from one ear and throw it out from the second one. Because it is a fact that you just can’t achieve anything by fighting with people. You will only damage yourself.

5. Listen to Music.

This is my favorite step because I love to listen to music. Music can alter someone’s feelings in just a second. It has immense power like meditation itself.

Whenever I get sad, I start listening to music. You can also do that. By the sounds and the vibration of the songs, you can shift your concentration power completely.


In the end I just have to say that, it is your’s body. You can control it if you want. Don’t give it a chance to overcome you.

If you want to be mature then you have to stop reacting on every little saying of people. Just listen from one ear and throw it out from the second one.

Focus on yourself and be mature. Only childish people react and start fighting on little things. In the deep down you also know that in the end these sayings aren’t going to matter.

So be focused on your goals and make your life worth.

Good luck.

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