5 Easy Tricks To Lose Weight Without Exercise

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Lose Weight

People ask me often, can someone lose weight without exercise?

And I always answer them, Yes.

Want to know how?

Then keep reading this post because in this post we are going to teach you how you can create your own diet plan to lose weight without any type of exercise.

Being obese is a curse to anyone. But most of the people are obese nowadays. According to WHO, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight and obese in 2016. And this number will definitely grow in the future, because of the current ecosystem we are living in.

Most of the works is done by computers. So human participation is very low. Before, when we didn’t have any type of convenience, people were healthy.

It’s because the human body is not designed in a way to relax and eat. It meant to work. And if you do not do that, you will be overweight.

There are four types of the body;

A.) Thin
B.) Normal
C.) Overweight
D.) Obese

If you want to know in which category you fit in, you need to find your BMI (Body Mass Index).

According to the BMI, your body type is;

A.) Thin – Below or equal to 20
B.) Normal – 20-25
C.) Overweight – 25-30
D.) Obese – Above 30

If you are also obese or overweight then continue reading this post. I can guarantee you, if you follow the steps of this post, you will start losing weight. And if you are ready to do hard work, you can also become healthy again.

Why Our Body Starts Storing Fat.

People think that their body loves to store fat. But no, our body doesn’t like to store fat. To store fat it has to go through a process. Let me explain you through an example;

Suppose you are filling a water tank. If you continue to fill that tank with water, there will a time come when the water starts flowing outside from the tank.

The same thing happens to your body. Think of your body like a water tank and water like your food. If you continue to put food in your body then there will a time come when your body will start overflowing the food. By overflowing I mean to say start saving those extra calories for the future.

The body does this to survive for the future. If there’s a time when you don’t get food for some days, your body will use the stored fat for energy.

It depends on our genetics where our body will store the fat first. In some cases, the body starts storing fat in the legs and hips. While in some cases it starts to store fat in the stomach or love handles.

How We Can Lose Weight Without Exercise.

If someone wants to lose weight then he has to reverse the same process that we discussed before. He has to eat less so that his body will start using that extra fat for your daily activity. And you don’t need to do any type of exercise to lose weight. This is a myth that people lose weight because of exercise. They lost their weight because of their diet.

Now let’s talk about how you can lose weight without doing exercise more briefly.

As I said before that losing weight has nothing to do with exercise. Sure exercise has a lot of benefits but you can also lose weight without exercise. If you are a normal person and you also don’t have any time for exercise then you should focus more on your diet. Follow the steps below and I can promise you, if you apply them properly you will start losing weight.

5 Tricks To Lose Weight Without Exercise.

1. Find Your Maintenance Calories.

First of all, you need to find your maintenance calories. You can use a calorie calculator for that. There are plenty of calculators online.

Put your information (height, weight, age, gender, and activity level) in that. The website will come up with your maintenance calories.

2. How To Eat Daily.

After finding your maintenance calories, eat 15-20% fats, 1.5 gm of protein × your body weight( if you do weight training then eat 2.2 gm), and the rest is your carbs intake from your daily calories.

Start Eating 200-300 fewer calories from your daily calories. You will start losing weight. Buy a weighing scale if you don’t have one. And check your weight every day. See your progress. After some days, there will a time come when you stop losing weight.

Don’t get demotivated from that. It happens because your body gets used to your diet. In this case, you have to reduce 200 more calories. And you will see that you again start losing weight.

This process will continue until you reach your desired weight. But you have to remember one thing and that stops giving yourself rest.

I mean to say do not go with the shortcut, choose the hard and long way. Use stairs rather than lift, try to walk more, try to move, use the body more than usual. That’s how you can use more energy. And more energy means more fat.

The same thing happens with exercise, you do exercise and you use your energy. But we are talking about how to lose weight without exercise, so we keep it that way.

3. How to Find Macros Of Each Food.

For calculating macros of food, you can search on the internet. For example; Suppose you want to know the macros of 100 gm rice. Search ‘macros of 100 gm rice’. You will get your information.

Or you can also use some fitness apps like Myfitnesspal and HealthifyMe to know the macros of each food. And these apps have more options also like keeping the information on your diet and daily calories etc.

4. Calories Information.

We tell you about calories, but we didn’t tell you about how much calories are in 1 gm of protein, fats, or carbs. So here it is;

A.) 1 gm of fat = 9 calories
B.) 1 gm of carbs = 4 calories
C.) 1 gm of protein = 4 calories.

So if you eat 100 gm of protein, then it’s calories are 400.

5. Stay Away From Myths.

There is a lot of myths in the fitness industry. People think that they can do spot reduction, green tea reduce fat, and removing salt completely from your diet leads to fast weight loss.

It is not true but myths. Stay away from them, the body has its own mechanism. So it’s going to work in its way. Be patient and walk on the road without listening to anyone else.

Bonus Points;

A.) Try to eat complex carbs in the morning, so that they will keep you full.

B.) Don’t neglect salad and green vegetables.

C.) Eat more fiber-rich food.

D.) Try to drink 2.5- 3 liter of water.

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