Simple Steps To Achieve Your New Year Resolution.

  • Gaurav 

Have you ever set a New Year resolution? And the most important question, have you ever achieved your resolution?


How To Achieve New Year Resolution

Did you know that 90.8% of people always fail in achieving their new year resolutions? What makes that 9.2 %ย of people special that they could achieve anything they desire.

Well, today in this post I am going to show you how you can achieve your new year resolution.

Let me be clear with you all, in my past, I was too lazy to complete a simple task. Every year I use to set a new year resolution but I stop taking action on that resolution after the first month.

Then I stopped procrastinating and started taking my goals seriously. You are no different from me. You have made many new year resolutions but failed to achieve that.

That’s why in this post we are going to discuss how you can achieve your new year goal every year.

Here Are Some Tips Which I Used To Achieve My New Year Resolution.

1. Keep Your Resolutions Simple.

The biggest reason behind the failure of the new year resolution is that people set unclear resolutions. Keep it very simple and specific. How can you achieve something, if you are not even sure about that? I mean to say that keep it very simple, you don’t have to complicate the things. Because this is human behavior that we do procrastinate by seeing the complicated things.

For example, if you want to lose weight. Then keep it very simple and realistic. You have to write like this;

โ—‹ I want to lose 4-5 kg of weight per month.

But what most of the people do is this;

โ—‹ I want to lose weight.

If you are one of them then you should start changing your approach. Because it is complex for our brain, our brain starts procrastinating. Be as realistic and simple as possible. Give every single detail to your brain.

So it doesn’t have to do any calculation during the process. Or most important you have no reason for procrastinating.

2. Take Baby Steps.

You should approach a new thing by taking baby steps. Because it is new for you, it takes time to adjust and the most important thing our brain gets confused from complex things.

Like I mentioned above that you should keep your goals very simple and realistic. Additionally, you should take baby steps also.

Let’s consider an example for better understanding;

If you want to lose weight, you should approach that goal with baby steps like start going to the gym 6 days a week. Have a decent decrement in your diet. Then slowly approach to cardio and weight training.

By doing this your brain doesn’t get confused easily because it can focus on small things now rather than focusing on bigger things direct.

3. Train Your Mind.

You should always train your mind more than any muscle. Because if your mind gives up, you are done. Start understanding your brain.

It knows your deep and dark secrets. That’s why you get disappointed with the hard things. It happens because our brain is wired in a way to keep survive. The main goal of our minds is to survive. Not and fat loss, muscle building, etc.

That’s why when we get uncomfortable. Negative and the thoughts of giving upstarts to come in our mind because it loves to be in a comfortable situation. But you grow when you expose yourself with uncomfortable situations.

The same thing happens when you approach a new thing that is hard (there is nothing easy), you give up. But now try to go beyond your limits. And trust me when you do that, your brain will also cheer you.

Start reading books and start listening to podcasts that can boost your mental toughness. There is nothing impossible, you can do anything. But first, you have to master your mind.

The more you approach uncomfortable situations, the more you grow.

4. Be Persistent.

Remember you give up when you are chasing perfection. You don’t have to be perfect in every way. If you miss your diet or your workout then don’t give up. It’s perfectly ok to be simple.

As long as you stick with your goal, you will move. Be motivated, the person who is standing till last is the winner. And you have to be that person. No matter if you don’t have the resources like others.

Start doing with what you have and you will achieve it. Just give it a try with being persistent.

5. Break It To Make It.

If you have a big goal for the year then try to divide it into many achievable chunks. Let’s consider an example for better understanding;


As we are talking about the fat loss goal on this whole post than how we can forget that at this point.๐Ÿ˜œ

If you want to lose 50 kg in the year then you should divide it in by 12 to take an idea of how much weight you have to lose each month.

50รท12= 4.1 apx.

Now try to lose 4 kg of weight every month. And the most important thing, if you fail to achieve your goal or fail to match your goal. It’s ok don’t get sad, at least you try.

Try to see your past years and see how much progress you made in the current year. Don’t give up just keep doing it.

Have an awesome New Year everyone.๐Ÿ˜€

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