3 Quick Ways To Deal With Anxiety.

  • Gaurav 

There are some-things that we can never change despite being the intelligent species of this earth. One of them is anxiety; we can’t change it because it’s a natural response of our body. Sometimes anxiety can be awful, but we’ve all been there; the feeling we get before our first interview, giving a speech, facing our fears is commonly known as anxiety.


I was an under confident guy in my childhood, so I used to face anxiety more often than usual. Most of the time I got sweaty hands, stumbling feet, I have seen all that. 

Ironically there’s no way to vanish it entirely, but you can learn how to tackle it. In this article, you are going to know about three quick ways that can be used to deal with anxiety. I am using all of them for a long time, and I still use them whenever needed. But I want to mention that if you face chronic anxiety or have anxiety attacks often, you should consult a physician. But if you are like me, who gets this feeling whenever you try something new, scary, or something that is entirely out of your comfort zone, then stick with me for some time.

3 Quick Ways To Deal With Anxiety 

1. Practice Deep Breathing 

Deep breathing can be beneficial in such conditions. It helps to calm your mind and body by shifting the entire focus from outside to inside. I have tried it by myself, and it works well. Try it whenever you feel anxious by taking deep and focused breaths. Just 9 to 10 deep breaths can calm your mind and slow-down your heartbeat & shivering.

Famous motivational speaker, Jay Shetty, also mentioned the benefits of deep breathing. He noted that “whenever I get stress or anxiety, I start focusing on deep breathing.” 

Several breathing techniques can be practised during anxiety; you can find them here.

2. Place Your Thoughts On Paper.

Try placing your thoughts on a piece of paper next time when you feel anxious. Countless studies have shown that writing your thoughts can help in your health, happiness, and stress. It is a kind of stress management tool.

Whenever you write something, you’re removing your thoughts from the mind and placing them on paper.

If you don’t have any idea what to write, then take a paper and write down your worries, fears and then challenge your thoughts by giving yourself questions like; what if this fear isn’t that much fearful? How do you feel if you overcome entirely that? Why are you worried about it in the first place? Etc.

3. Go And Walk.

Moving your body can also help in dealing with anxiety. When you walk, you give your focus and time to your body, not the useless thoughts that don’t even matter.

Along with that, there have been some studies that backed this fact. We all are listening to this fact from our childhood that exercise helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, along with that, they also help improve overall health.


These are the three quick and easy ways to cope with anxiety, again there are numerous kinds of techniques to deal with stress, but I have mentioned only three because I have tried these all techniques by myself.

Try them by yourself, and then let me know your thoughts in the comment section. 

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