See How I Build My Own Morning Ritual

  • Gaurav 

Successful people have lots of similar habits, and one of them is “morning ritual“. In this post you are going to see how I build my own morning ritual. The morning ritual sets the tone of your day. The first hour after waking up is the most crucial. It can change your life completely. It has changed my thinking and it also helped me to get more time from my day.

Morning Ritual

Every successful person tells that morning ritual is very beneficial. But the problem is that most of the time, an average person never gets the benefits of the ritual.

Well, It doesn’t mean that the habits don’t work; the most probable reason is that you are lazy or you are not doing it consistently. Consistency is very crucial; if you are not consistent, you can not achieve anything in life. I have personally found that those who are not able to perform it consistently, are not actually enjoying it. I am no different from you; I have also faced similar conditions. 

The key point is that when we get to know about the ritual of successful people, we get very excited that now we would become successful. But, in reality, you are just copying their morning ritual(which they enjoy) and you don’t.

Now, what if I say that you could enjoy the morning ritual the same as you like watching your favorite movie or TV series. 

Yes, it’s possible. I have done it by myself.

I was not an early bird, that’s why I used to think that these morning rituals couldn’t be helpful. These are just fake promises. But this thinking of mine has changed after reading the book called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. I got motivated by his story, and I decided to follow his advice in the morning. After much hustle, I managed to get up early. 

I followed the 6 habits that he talked about in the book for only two days. It didn’t take me long to return back to my former state. Fortunately, I get the hold of my life after reading the book called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. The author talked about a great strategy to build good habits. The strategy is known as “The Habit Stacking” in which you have to stack the habit that you want to build over one of your former habits.

To know my story further, you need to know about the habits that I wanted to build. I wanted to build the habits that “Hal Elrod” told in his book, the habits are:

a.) Meditation

b.) Affirmation

c.) Visualisation

d.) Exercise

e.) Reading and

f.) Journaling.

I find that reading is not that difficult for me because I was already doing it but not consistently. So I just picked up this habit & combined it with my former habit that I like the most. Drinking a cup of coffee is my favorite thing to do in the morning. I can’t imagine starting my day without it. So That’s why I decided to read a book while having a cup of coffee; surprisingly, within a few days, reading became my new habit. 

I got motivated that now I can easily build good habits. Next, I tried my hands on affirmation and visualization. I tried doing them together while listening to instrumental/soothing music.

Trust me; these two habits can add much more positivity in your life. Starting a day with positivity is just what I need.

I tried the habit of running while listening to high beat music/motivational songs. I started doing meditation while sitting in a quiet place with the beautiful smell of incense sticks. Once I have built the momentum, then I started inculcating all of them. 

Key Takeaways From My Story

  1. Don’t try to copy anyone’s habit just because you like that person.
  2. Find the habits that you can think you can develop in yourself.
  3. Try the habit-stacking principle.
  4. Try to do them consistently, or they won’t become your habit.


I think that the morning ritual is very crucial, but this ritual will only work if you are consistent. Let’s take an example for better understanding:

If you think that you will become shredded just after your workout’s first day, you are thinking wrong. You have to do it consistently along with the right diet. 

Please do not make an excuse if you are not able to wake up in the morning. Try to do it whenever you awake. Usually, 90 percent of people listen to their minds’ excuses because it’s not easy to deny the inner voice. Do not make excuses to lose; make excuses to win.

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