The Best Guide You Could Ever Get About Self Awareness.

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Self Awareness

“Self awareness is not about the absence of mistakes, but the ability to learn and correct them.”– Daniel Chidiac

Self awareness is a boon to humanity. It enables you to realize your true self. And your purpose in life.

Have you found your actual identity?

Do you know what you want?

If not, then try self-awareness.

In this post, we will discuss all aspects related to self-awareness and my own experience with self-awareness.

What Is Self Awareness?

Each individual has several perspectives. That’s why they have different opinions and beliefs. Likewise, every individual has a different definition of success. In my opinion, being clear about yourself is called self-awareness.

It can be your most significant investment because it can give you extra returns than any other asset.

Self-awareness works as a boon. Once you become self-aware, no one can stop you from accomplishing success.

Let’s explore this topic more;

We have examined the meaning of self-awareness and what it can do. Now let’s discuss the types of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is of two types;

a.) Internal Self-Awareness.

b.) External Self-Awareness.

In internal self-awareness, a person gets familiar with his internal factors. It helps to know your character, your likes & dislikes, your good & bad habits. It also helps to find your passion, the real work that you love to do.

In external self-awareness, a person gets conscious of the other’s perspective for him. It depends on an individual to master either one, internal or external self-awareness, or both.

Benefits Of Self Awareness.

Self-awareness has a bunch of advantages. If you adopt self-awareness, you will see unlimited benefits of it.

Some Of Them Are;

1. It helps you to develop the ability to think critically.

2. It enables you to develop leadership.

3. It helps you to decide the difference between good & bad.

4. It assists you to construct your respect in your eyes and unlock your true potential.

5. It helps you to enhance your communication skills.

6. Moreover, it helps you to maintain a good relationship.

7. It enables you to find your purpose of existence.

8. It helps you to discover your shortcomings and to turn them into your strengths.

My Experience With Self-Awareness.

At first, I didn’t have any idea about self-awareness. But one day I saw a video of “Gary Vaynerchuk” about this. He was talking flawlessly. He clarified how someone could be self-aware.

Because of curiosity, I began searching for it on the internet. I found some articles, but I don’t know why they did not please me. Like something is skipping.

I thought that there is not enough information about it here. That’s why I started reading books on this topic. My favorite book about self-awareness is “Insight” by “Tasha Eurich.”

She explained everything in her book. Now all of my doubts were starting to uncover. Truly she helped me to become self-aware.

She also has a self-awareness quiz. You can take that if you want to find your real identity.

She explains that people think they are self-aware, but the reality is something else. They are not.

For example; If your best friend wants to be a singer because he loves singing and music. And this idea also seems pleasing to you.

Probably it’s not the case. If you are self-aware, you will never run behind anything just because of the benefits it provides. (Although if you love singing can be an exception)

You stick to your stuff. And make it so big that people will look up to you.

“Just because it works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will also work for you.”– Unknown

Steps To Implement Self Awareness In Your Life.

1. By Being Self Conscious.

If you want to become aware of yourself, start being self-conscious. Many people misinterpret between self-awareness & self-consciousness. They believe that both of them are the same.

But it’s not the case; they are entirely different.

Self-consciousness can help you to build self-awareness. In self-consciousness, you become more conscious of yourself at present.

Start focusing on your body language, thinking pattern, thoughts, habits, verbal communication, communication skills, and the most important thing you love to do.

Write them down on paper. You will get to know your strengths and shortcomings.

When I started being more self-conscious, I learned various things that I couldn’t know by being natural.

I learn about my strengths and weaknesses. I got to know my communication and leadership skills, verbal skills, likes and dislikes, good & bad habits, and much more.

After that, you can also practice developing those skills in which you are lacking.

2. Take The Help Of Spirituality.

Spirituality can provide help to anyone because it helps to disclose the hidden chapter of your life.

It doesn’t mean from which religion you are. You can practice spirituality. Spirituality can not be tied in the chains of a particular religion.

Take the help of God by praying. Try to do meditation. Meditation unlocks the blocked parts of our brain. It also helps to find your true identity, purpose, what you love to do, and much more.

Do not run from it; try it. Once you get into meditation, truths will start revealing by themselves.

Many meditation teachers explain that in meditation, you learn to calm down your breath. Breath directly connected to your life energy, and once you feel the life energy, it will start revealing your real identity.

That’s why they say that all the answers you are seeking are actually inside you.

Numerous researches show that severe disabilities and deep wounds can quickly be healed with meditation and yoga together.

3. Take Feedback.

One of the easiest ways to know yourself is by taking feedback from others. Ask your friends, family, mentor, and partner about you. Make them feel safe to give you an unbiased view.

See what they say. This thing can expose every inch of yours. So be prepared for the worst.

Tell them the truth that you are seeking self-awareness, to get the best out of them. At last, make a list. Write down everything and then ask yourself.

Do not argue with them. If you disagree with your friend’s point of view, try to think why they think like it. It can be eye-opening for you. And always ready to accept yourself. You will get to know a lot about yourself.

4. Solitude.

Along with taking feedback from others, solitude can also be an eye-opener for you. In isolation, people get to know their true self which they couldn’t in the actual world.

Go away from your family for one month to 6 months or at least one week. Try to live in nature. The most important thing is to make the distance from materialistic items.

That’s why they say that most explanations occur in solitude.

After going to solitude, you must ask yourself some questions like;

a.) Who I Am.

b.) What I Want To Do.

c.) What I Love The Most.

d.) What I Am Trying To Achieve.

e.) What Is The Purpose Of My Life?

Ask these questions every day from yourself while being in solitude. Write them down, do not hold back. Write what your heart is saying. And do not be afraid of a new start.

Self-awareness is all about knowing yourself. If you can meditate, it can give fast results.

5. Accept Your True Self.

After getting feedback from others and practicing solitude, instead of picking up a fight and arguing with others, try to accept yourself.

Humans are known for their mistakes. Do not get discouraged from any type of bad review about yourself.

Everyone starts at zero. All the successful people that you look up to today also started from zero. Do not hold yourself back, even while changing your career.

Because in your new career, you will be happy without caring about the results and numbers. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. Learn to love the trip.

6. Consciously Put Yourself In Uncomfortable Situations.

“A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.”– Henry Kissenger

The real identity of a person gets revealed when he gets exposed to pressure and uncomfortable situations.

Try to do the same. Do not run from uncomfortable situations, face them. Remember that you are doing it to unfold the folded chapter of yourself. A person must know all his behavior, thoughts, and habits.

Again writing down the critical points is essential. They will remember everything and tell you what you need at the right time.

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