3 Powerful Ways To Develop Self discipline In Yourself

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Develop self discipline

Everyone has unique goals in their childhood. When I was a kid, my most ambitious goal was to become an astronaut and land on Mars. But it takes a lot of courage, time, and discipline to fulfill your dreams. That’s why most people (including me) abandon their goals and prefer to live miserably.

When I began my journey of becoming a freelance writer, I was delighted; I remember that I was working at a breakneck speed. But this happy state of mine proceeded merely for a week.

With time, I began procrastinating, and eventually, I quit. Not just the goal of becoming a freelance writer, but I also stopped working on my weight loss goal. One by one, I started evacuating most of my dreams. Day by day my motivation was going down. I was assuming that my life is total garbage. I always used to prefer comfort over work.

Fortunately, my elder brother has a habit of reading books. He was conscious of my condition, that’s why he bought me a book called “Can’t Hurt Me,” and he advised me to read it for once. 

I was surprised after just after reading the introduction, I found the great thoughts that David Goggins had. I couldn’t resist myself and started searching about him on the Internet. I found out that he was a low esteem kid, and his life was messed up too. He decided to become a navy seal & developed self-discipline in himself. He changed his life the way he wanted. Infact he did the things that was far greater than my thinking.

I litteraly got goosebumps at that time, he motivated me from inside. From then on I started watching him as an mentor. From then on, I made a promise to myself that if he could do it, I can too.

I decided to develop self-discipline in me. It took me a lot of time and practice, but after that results starts showing themselves, now I could easily deny my excuses. Before, I used to run behind motivation. But the motivation operates from your feelings. A particular emotional state is necessary to perform a single task. But that’s not the case with discipline. A disciplined person never waits his feelings and emotions to get aligned inorder to do a work. If you are committed to your goals, you have to complete them on any condition.

I can proudly say that I have accomplished most of my goals with the help of discipline. I am operating the business that I wanted to start from a long time, right now I am doing content creation, I am living a healthy lifestyle, lost 45 pounds of weight, and many more. My life is changed drastically after inculcating the habit of discipline in me.

Want to know how I built self-discipline in me?

Continue reading this post.

How To Develop Self-Discipline In Yourself:

1.Stop Listening To Your Feelings.

Most often, we prefer doing something that we like, over the things that are essential. Before when I was not in the mood to do the work, I used to stop working. My brain was controlling me. In his book, “The Power Of Habit,” Charles Duhigg stated that the prefrontal cortex, which is our conscious brain, enables us to make rational decisions.

On the other hand, the a part called “Basal Ganglia” is associated with our emotions and memories. If improper behavior got converted into a habit, you would always feel sluggish while doing the critical work, even after your conscious brain tells you to do so. They say that we have two types of voice in ourself, one is in our favour( the concious brain), and the another one( the Basal Ganglia) which is not in our favour. Well its true.

That’s why executing a new habit seems complicated everytime because your mind thinks that you are wasting your time. It dont want to do hard things even after knowing that doing that thing would help you to get ahead in the future. That’s why it starting resisting you by giving numerous excuses. To rewire your brain, you need to stop listening to your feelings and focus solely on your work. Continue doing it even it feels incredibly awful and lazy. It will take time, but in the end, when this behavior will shift into your mind as a habit, your thinking would become different and you come out as a new person.

2. Face The Uncomfortable.

The quickest way to develop self-discipline is to ‘face the uncomfortable technique.’ We all have fears. You have to find the things that are uncomfortable and unpleasant for you. Items that are great for you in the long run but uncomfortable to do at present. Then intentionally put yourself into that condition. Like going to the gym and lifting weights is unpleasant, but it would show benefits in the long term. 

Try to add at least one task that is uncomfortable for you in your to-do list. Doing this every day will help you to grow your self-discipline muscles. I know it’s straightforward to say, but you have to do this.

How long would you run away from your fears?

Sometimes the task isn’t as much difficult as we think. Be brave and try it once. David Goggins admits that doing something uncomfortable every day will help you become a better version of yourself. He makes sure to add an uncomfortable task in his daily to-do list.

For me, going for a run in the morning, taking a cold shower, doing a workout every day, and many other tasks are uncomfortable. That’s why I decided to do them daily. Most of them became my habit, but taking a cold shower in the morning is still uncomfortable for me. That’s why I prefer to do it daily.

3. Meditate.

These days Internet is flooded with the information of meditation. Along with its numerous benefits, meditation also helps to develop self-discipline.

In 2013 Stanford University concluded that people who went through a special meditation program were better able to regulate their emotions afterward, and it’s crucial to build discipline.

Meditation was never my favorite thing to do. But with the discipline I have created a habit of doing 30 minutes of meditation and it seriously helped me. Meditation helped me filter my thoughts, increase my focus, and remove negativity from me.

All these things helped me to make better decisions in my daily life. Discipline depends on the choices that you made in your everyday life. Eating healthy food, when all of your friends are eating tasty junk food, is a choice, but it is beneficial for you, and it will also help you develop your self-discipline.


There is much information on the Internet about developing self-discipline, but I only told three ways. I said it because I have tried these ways by myself. These three tips help me build my discipline, and they can also make yours if you are willing to take action.

Please take action on the above information. I have found that it is not enough to know what to do; we must act on the knowledge to have the lives that we want.

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